michael andrew (07.31.09, 3:38 PM): Im finding myself looking at the focus distance on the lens, say 5 feet, setting it manually and then doing a test shot. :)

Alex Rubio (07.31.09, 10:11 AM): Michael, how would you focus a shot like this?, Are you calculating more less where you are and focus there?, Or will the camera simply auto focus prior to the shot?

Kelly Easter (07.30.09, 12:16 AM): Thank you for the picture.

Boz (07.29.09, 9:03 PM): I've never been, but heard lots - how about the giant white horse that's being done, is it still on hold? Finally picked up my new 580 ex II today along with a couple Gary Fong diffusers-a little play time, and you know, I'm thinking I really like my nice vinyl bounce card that I made for the workshop MUCH better. Go figure - I think I'm onto something!

Brian (07.29.09, 8:02 PM): Did you find the City of Gold behind the mountain?