michael andrew (07.30.09, 5:32 AM): Thanks for the comments guys- I know this may sound crazy, but I am going to try to make it down there to Austrailia this year sometime. :) M

Seerose (07.29.09, 11:27 PM): Michael, I am really enjoying following your blog and photographic journey. Yes, we have spectacular landscapes in Australia but after a decade of drought - severe in many parts this lush greeness can be a rare sight.

Dean (07.29.09, 1:59 AM): Alex Rubio, Oh yes dont get me wrong Australia does have some great landscapes. But I have never come accross a landscape that looks so fresh and green such as the pic taken here from North Dakota...I cant wait to visit the U.S!!! It's always been a dream.

michael andrew (07.28.09, 10:52 AM): Prius is doing so just great. Im getting about 1000 miles on 2 tanks of gas (about $54). Couldnt have chosen a better car for this. :)

Alex Rubio (07.28.09, 10:19 AM): Gorgeous landscape, wow, I'm drooling, hehe... Dean, you guys some AWESOME landscapes as well, can't wait to visit Australia some day!

Dean (07.28.09, 4:11 AM): Hey Michael, Hows your prius handling the roadtrip? It's a lot of driving for a small car.

Dean (07.28.09, 1:04 AM): WOW!! Wish our landscapes looked like that in Australia...Just not quiet the same haha...Looks very nice.