Rob (07.21.09, 11:05 PM): Interesting and very creative shot M. I would have tired a zoom lens. Im sure you have something more creative in store. Did you figure out how to make the strap sling?

Boz (07.21.09, 8:40 AM): Very Cool Shot - gives me some ideas too! Hey, among your list of things to accomplish over the next few days, just think, you'll get your mac back too!

Caroline (07.21.09, 7:32 AM): you come up with the neatest ideas for your 365 project! Love them!

Bill (07.21.09, 7:19 AM): This is just a strap over a hook on the top of the door. Lens right up against the peep hole. Manual focus. VERY gently close the door. 10 sec timer.........close?

Adrian (07.21.09, 6:44 AM): LOVED the workshop! I can't wait to start posting some of my new and improved pictures in the forum. Thanks again Michael.

Mark Iuzzolino (07.21.09, 6:10 AM): I think you attached the camera to the door with a coat hanger hanging on the coat hook inside the door. This way it stays with the door as you open and close it.

ocam (07.21.09, 5:30 AM): The camera was in your room on the top of a piece of furniture and you either fired by remote or set a time interval before the camera fired