Canon 580 Speedlite Flash DVD (07.25.09, 5:38 PM): It was a lot of fun to try! :)

Diane (07.20.09, 9:14 AM): This will have to go on my "to try" list for sure! Thanks.

michael andrew (07.19.09, 8:45 PM): Alex- Yes that is correct.

Bill (07.19.09, 8:41 PM): That's a 45 ACP, right?

Alex Rubio (07.19.09, 7:35 PM): Excellent effect... Now I'm a lil confused on step 4. Do I understand correctly, measure more or less where the object will cross the camera's view and focus on the item there by holding it on that spot, then turn off AF and proceed?

sunfrog (07.19.09, 2:41 PM): cool shot i supose you could use the same thing on wildlife to like throw a chicken up in the air i'll try it when and if i get my camera back