michael andrew (07.16.09, 9:43 PM): If I remember correctly, it was f11, SS 1.6", ISO 800. (No Flash)

Brian (07.15.09, 12:23 PM): Love this shot. What were your shutter/iso/fstop at?

Rob (07.12.09, 8:37 PM): Im very impressed! Great shot! I think all the excitement must be getting to, you walked away from your camera and left it unattended in grand central. lol You are brave!

Alexandra (07.12.09, 5:35 PM): Great Shot Michael, you have most defineately lived up to the "Maven" name!

Diane (07.12.09, 11:58 AM): Hope you opted to sleep in....you come first!

Kyle (07.12.09, 9:57 AM): Great idea! Looks awesome.

Caroline (07.12.09, 8:30 AM): I LOVE this!

Lauri (07.12.09, 8:17 AM): Great shot!

Joel (07.12.09, 6:43 AM): Hey Michael, great shot!

Kjersti (07.12.09, 4:58 AM): Cool...it looks like everybody has been frozen in time except for you.

Alex Rubio (07.12.09, 12:45 AM): Absolutely awesome shot, Michael!