Dad (07.10.09, 12:32 AM): Cool Mike - very scary. However, I'll sleep fine.

Kjersti (07.09.09, 11:24 PM): After reading your blog last night, I felt compelled to go and read all about this house and the events that had taken place. It took me months to sleep alone after seeing that movie when I was a child, and even last night I got spooked reading about it again. Creepy. Even if the Lutz family made up the events, the fact remains that the DeFeo's were muredred there. That in itself is disturbing.

Michael Andrew (07.09.09, 11:08 PM): My mac book pro crashed this afternoon- looking to get it fixed asap but have no idea when it will happen- made it safe to manhattan- staying very close to times square- lots of fun things planned

mattkn1984 (07.09.09, 5:44 PM): i like it - a lot - nice pic

Rob (07.09.09, 3:07 PM): It came out great! Aren't you glad you took the shot now?! After the numerous shot you took, I'm really impressed at how fast you were able to set up the shot and get it in focus. Especially with all the traffic and comments that were made from the people walking around. I was a bit nervous watching you.

sunfrog (07.09.09, 2:28 PM): micheal i know you don't take questions here but this is a EMERGENCY PLEASE read my message on your forum site

Scott Roeben (07.09.09, 12:11 PM): Great shot! I think it was very admirable that you felt you had to protect all the big babies. Babies, babies, big fat babies. Babies, babies...I could do this all day...babies, big cry babies. I wonder what people would think if they saw that image where I zombified you! Ark. (Oh, and one more thing. BABIES!)

Amber (07.09.09, 11:35 AM): Love it! Looks like it could be the cover of the next Horror DVD!

Diane (07.09.09, 10:39 AM): Scared me! I love scary stuff though! Awesome shot.