Alex Rubio (07.10.09, 11:24 AM): Fantastic idea Kelly, you took the words out of my mouth, posing is defenitely a great topic. Know how to position people, creative ideas of that nature, great!

Kelly Easter (07.10.09, 5:27 AM): MA Secrets to POSING.... All different Groupings, Numbers, Settings, Skin Tones. Could be an add on to Weddings or even Lighting. My first group photo was 10 and a mix of Black and White...

michael andrew (07.09.09, 8:45 AM): this is a good point- There are a lot of different types of photography - maybe an advanced photographers guide which would cover many different types of specialties, landscapes, nature, underwater, etc

Dean (07.09.09, 2:42 AM): Hi michael, I know a lot of people are interested in landscape photography. Sunrise, Sunsets ECT...Maybe a video on this subject would be worth while and fun! Just throwing out ideas. Hope your trip is going well.

Boz (07.09.09, 12:47 AM): They all sound great, don't know how you have the time to even think these up in your "ever abundant free time" though :) I'm particularily intereted in the Wedding and lighting ones. Other training about on Lightroom?