Kevin McKeown (07.01.12, 2:42 AM): Hi Michael, saw some of your 7D course the other day and was impressed by the content, depth and your delivery. So much so I've just bought the Speedlite training. You have a great voice - soothing and pleasant to listen too, I think that makes your training material even better! Keep up the good work. Regards from London, UK, Kev

Alex (07.09.09, 8:57 AM): I've been waiting for an in-depth flash tutorial so I can finally get some use out of my 430 EX II. Pre-ordered and waiting!

Mike Cruz (07.09.09, 8:33 AM): Ordered already from Dubai :) Been waiting for these in ages! Thanks Michael!

Kelly Easter (07.08.09, 11:56 PM): I will invest in every MA Video. For us "visual" learners there is simply no one better to learn from! Shot my second wedding (4th Bride) today because of MA!

Bixby (07.08.09, 9:59 PM): That's right!!! On to the new project, he goes... I vote for Wedding Photography Crash Course!!!

michael andrew (07.08.09, 8:53 PM): A very sincere thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered (or will). Producing the DVDs is extremely expensive & time consuming. Your support allows me to continue future projects. Much appreciated!

Boz (07.08.09, 7:56 PM): Just happened to pop on your blog at the right time earlier today to notice the Pre Order notice-I agree with Jim R - You have an incredible teaching talent-once I recieve this DVD, I'll have a nice rounded out trio of you Crash Course DVD's-and every one, worth every single penny...even if the US dollar is at $1.17CAD today!

Jim R (07.08.09, 5:29 PM): Hi Michael- I noticed you have chapters on the flash metering modes (like ETTL, for example). I have asked several "pros" what ETTL is and how it is different than TTL and have never got a straight answer, which leads me to believe that most do not know themselves. Im really looking forward to this, loved your 40D DVD, you have a great teaching style. If ths one is half as good as that DVD, I will buy any photography DVD you make from here on out. Thanks again

Alex Rubio (07.08.09, 4:05 PM): 5th!!! So excited about this DVD Michael, gonna be great...! Did it ship yet?, hehe...

cindy (07.08.09, 1:41 PM): Sweet!! Thank you Michael! Im SO excited for this because I am completely clueless on my 430.

Omar (07.08.09, 1:40 PM): Got it! Thanks!

Bill (07.08.09, 1:38 PM): second......

Dan (07.08.09, 1:36 PM): Been waiting for this....Im ordering now! :D

Derrick (07.08.09, 1:16 PM): Thank you Michael!!!!

Bixby (07.08.09, 12:44 PM): First to order... Right here!!!!