Melody (09.04.09, 7:22 PM): I think the camera was set up on the side of the road, drove the car past it and remotely triggered it. Added the motion effect in editing. There is a 'void' of motion to the left of the rear bumper and there is a glowing area at the right front bumper and right A pillar. Fast enough shutter speed would freeze the reflections on the car. That's what I think. Cudos for not getting the camera reflected in the car (if it is set up that way).

Nick S. (08.18.09, 3:30 PM): Ok the only thing I can think of by looking at this is if you look at the reflection of the road and trees on the car...there is NOT any "movement". Has to be edited cause Michael said it wasn't attached to the car. My guess...and im also guess that im wrong. So either way i'm right on something! :)

Alex Rubio (08.01.09, 2:20 PM): I don't have the slightest idea, I have analyzed the shot together with the Miami gang, but we are totally baffled... Michael, when you finish your new shots, will ya please let us know how you did it? I love this shot!

michael andrew (08.01.09, 3:35 AM): heres the deal guys....I have several shots coming that are using these types of techniques, if I tell you how I did this, it will ruin these new shots. However, I would like to turn the table on you and ask...."If you were to replicate this would you do it?"

Dirk (07.16.09, 12:09 PM): How did you do this Michael???? Spill....

Scott Roeben (07.10.09, 3:38 PM): SPILL, MICHAEL!

Alex Rubio (07.10.09, 11:26 AM): I'm still baffled and intrigued by this shot, any new ideas as to how it was done?

Alex Rubio (07.08.09, 4:23 PM): Karen's guess sounds good, but I think it cannot be that way becuase if the camera is not moving with the vehicle you will see the entire shot frozen (no movement). Now if you were to use the panning technique it would explain it, but then again Michael said he had no help and if he did it wouldn't be a 365... Any other ideas y'all? Michael, you are killing meeee!

Whitney (07.08.09, 1:09 PM): aggghhh!!! i love it! And feel privileged that I know how you did it :)

Priscila M (07.08.09, 9:04 AM): Karen, that was my guess also. A gorilla pod. A semi clear road. A few setup shots. A timer and a little Michael Andrew Magic. VIOLA!!

Karen (07.08.09, 6:54 AM): I'm guessing Gorilla pod attached to a tree and impecable timing. Seriously great shot.

michael andrew (07.07.09, 11:21 PM): Thanks everyone- I can see you are enjoying this, so I will give you some clues: I was the only car on the road and there wasnt a rig attached to the front bumper. I have to hand it to you Adrian, because either one of these would have worked and the second car was something I considered, but I would have need a few helpers to do that. :)

Kathy (07.07.09, 9:21 PM): I would guess photoshop blur and mask the car....

Boz (07.07.09, 5:52 PM): Very cool - I've got my guess on how you did this, but wanted to say I just noticed your topper on the [b]school.

Adrian (07.07.09, 4:25 PM): I forgot to mention, however you did it, it is a great shot! (as always)

Scott Roeben (07.07.09, 11:32 AM): Amazing! You've outdone yourself. OK, spill! Even if you did attach some kind of pole and camera deal (scary!), wouldn't the texture of the road make for some shake? Oy. You're like Houdini. But without the whole milk can thing.

Adrian (07.07.09, 9:49 AM): either some sort of rig hooked up to the corner of the bumper that is cropped, or you are following someone that is holding the camera while you trip the shutter remotely.

Deepak (07.07.09, 9:40 AM): WOW!! How the hell did you manage that?

Chase (07.07.09, 8:03 AM): You are in the world did you pull that off?

Alex Rubio (07.06.09, 10:39 PM): Ahhhhh, you are starting to freak us out here, hehe... Now confess, how in the world did you pull that off, hehehe... Marvelous shot I should add! BTW - I just got my new 580EX II!