Alexandra (07.06.09, 8:39 AM): Love the "footprints in the sand"!

kim (07.02.09, 11:52 AM): neat! I had a dream about you last night. II was helping you with your photography and I lost my plane ticket in Mexico and you totally were like sorry gotta go. lol, totally random

Kelly Easter (07.02.09, 1:21 AM): Favorite since the trampoline!

Elizabeth (07.01.09, 10:51 PM): LOVE it!!!

Mark Iuzzolino (07.01.09, 10:21 PM): Looks like it was taken in NJ *not* Philadelphia. It is a nice shot though.

Lauri (07.01.09, 10:02 PM): Michael - I just love this pic!!

chaos2k (07.01.09, 7:37 PM): great shot, love the depth