michael andrew (07.01.09, 5:20 PM): Surfer Shot was done with direct flash, when I shoot off camera flash I almost always use the ST-E2 transmitter and therefore do not need to attach a pocket wizard. :)

Scott Roeben (07.01.09, 12:03 PM): Loving that surfer shot! Here's a question for our maven. How do you hand-hold a flash unit and a Pocket Wizard (if that's how you're activiating the flash)? My hand starts to cramp up! Not to mention the pain involved in shooting one-handed with the other hand!

Amber (06.30.09, 9:34 AM): I agree! First it is nice to know that we aren't the only one that make mistakes...lol and second it is awesome that you own up to them and that you show us what could have been better. You truly are an awesome mentor! =]

Tami (06.30.09, 9:02 AM): I love that you show shots that don't work and explain what went wrong. Great learning tool. THANKS!