Elizabeth (06.27.09, 10:43 PM): Do you ever get annoyed that hotel beds aren't long enough??? I do, and I am only 6 feet tall...if I were you, I would go a little bonkers with constantly having my feet dangle over the edge...

michael andrew (06.27.09, 9:37 PM): Alexandra! AWESOME!! I am so proud of you!! Great job! :)

michael andrew (06.27.09, 8:45 PM): lol- I dont even notice stuff like that...I just crash!

Boz (06.27.09, 4:59 PM): The cushions on the couch were the first - ahhh, and then came the spots and stripes :)...but as long as you can get a good nights rest!

Kelly Easter (06.27.09, 2:38 PM): As a girl... I know I can't be the only one thinking it... That couch with that carpet?

Alexandra (06.27.09, 9:20 AM): Thank you both. It is a bludomain site. I don't have time to read either but every morning I start my day with a cup a coffee and Michael's blog. He is always informative, inspiring and positive, which is what keeps me coming back for more!

Alex Rubio (06.27.09, 9:15 AM): Alexandra, congrats on your site, FABULOUS, loved it, and the music is awesome!

Alex Rubio (06.27.09, 8:59 AM): Michael, did you use multiple Speedlites on this shot? Or is it just a combination of one and room lighting?

Boz (06.27.09, 8:51 AM): Great job on the website Alexandra! Very Nice - is that a Showit site?

Kelly Easter (06.27.09, 2:33 AM): MA- Seriously get an audio book that is "entertaining". I never have time to read anymore... and I would never take the time to read fiction. I downloaded three audio books when I had two 20 hr round trips... I was so surprised how fast the time went. It didn't feel anything like 10hrs one way. But the key is get something fun. I downloaded the Stephenie Meyers Twilight Series. I would have never taken the time to read those books in real life. But It was like having someone in the car with me telling me a fabulous story. Sleep Tight!

Alexandra (06.27.09, 12:26 AM): Well, Michael I finally did it! My very first ever photography website should be up and running in 4 hours!! I have to admit the pictures on my site show some progession and there are still a few wrinkles to iron out but all in all its ready. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! I know this is only the beginning. Thank you again.