Kristy (07.01.09, 2:18 PM): I absolutely LOVE this one

Adam Pendleton (06.30.09, 10:02 AM): Thanks!

michael andrew (06.29.09, 10:21 PM): yes....Lollipops are almost ready for an update. If you already own them, you will be eligilble for an upgraded copy. Looking to add 2-3 more.

Adam Pendleton (06.29.09, 12:42 PM): Hey Michael, will this lollipop be available as an update at some point? Very cool.

Bruno Campbell (06.29.09, 1:53 AM): Why I really feel at least a little "sense" of Fibonacci here? Hehe... but indeed, very beautiful picture :)

Alex Rubio (06.27.09, 8:53 AM): Ya welcome...! BTW, "Grey Matter" looks awesome...! and so does PB "Jello"...

michael andrew (06.26.09, 10:15 AM): Thanks Alex and Dad! I appreciated it.

Dad (06.26.09, 2:40 AM): Thank you Alex. He is an amazing guy.

April (06.25.09, 12:07 PM): love, love, love this picture!

Alex Rubio (06.25.09, 11:26 AM): Hi Dad! I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for having such a fine person as a son. His talents and most importantly his personality are amazing and so well appreciated. Like we spoke about on his visit to Miami, we have made a new friend, and I speak for all of us here. To this day we speak about it on a daily basis. Can't wait to get my hands on that DVD by the way... Thank you again...

Diane (06.25.09, 9:21 AM): This is one heck of a grrrrrrrrrrreat shot!

Dad (06.25.09, 1:49 AM): Hi Everyone. Because of my unique relationship with Michael I was able to preview the final draft copy of his Speedlight 580ii DVD. It is a fantastic peace of work and you prosumers are going to love it. Great job Michael .

Kjersti (06.24.09, 11:45 PM): This photo is fantastic. Love the license plate on the ground. Perfect!

Boz (06.24.09, 10:45 PM): Now that is right up my alley! Cool shots for the 365!

Kathy (06.24.09, 9:52 PM): That is very, very cool!