Elizabeth (06.25.09, 1:30 AM): WOW...I LOVE the 'jello' effect...LOVE it...

michael andrew (06.24.09, 6:31 PM): Yes, you can get a shutter release cable for pocket wizards to activate your camera at greater distances or in cases like this, through glass. That 300' range comes in handy.

Scott Roeben (06.24.09, 6:24 PM): You can use a Pocket Wizard to remotely activate the shutter? I'm lost! I thought Pocket Wizards went from camera to flash/strobe...

Diane (06.24.09, 2:46 PM): ....and WHERE is the camera?

Tricia M. (06.24.09, 1:12 PM): Please educate me-What is a "pocket wizard?"

michael andrew (06.24.09, 12:29 PM): I would hate to ruin anything for you guys, but in my right hand is the pocket wizard used to snap the shot. I have a much trickier, challenging shot I am working on and hope to figure it out soon. :)

Alex Rubio (06.24.09, 8:45 AM): WoW! That is super cool, ok, you got everyone intrigued here, haha... Chase's suggestion is the only one that makes sense... Beautiful shot!

Priscila M (06.24.09, 8:33 AM): Once again you've intrigued me :)

Chase (06.24.09, 8:02 AM): Do you have it on your sky cam pole and sticking out the window? Awesome pic...

joe flanagan (06.24.09, 8:01 AM): did you use the skycam to help you out with this?

Terence Loydall (06.24.09, 6:31 AM): wow, im amazed mike. im just a student now in Cape town learning more and more each day, and you have most certainly shown me great tips for my future... thanx

Laurie Rolinitis (06.24.09, 4:43 AM): Amazing once again!!

Kelly Easter (06.24.09, 12:08 AM): Ok... MA, How do we get our hands on Jello?

Kelly Easter (06.24.09, 12:06 AM): LOL... Who did you get to stand on the hood and take that?

Derrick (06.23.09, 11:46 PM): Your creativity on the 365's just get better and better. Wow!

Julia Shinkle (06.23.09, 11:06 PM): What the? That is AMAZING!