michael andrew (07.06.09, 10:57 AM): I held the cup up in the air, nearly vertical, but the ice stayed on the side. Camera was above it. :)

Carol Call (06.30.09, 10:12 PM): The cup is laying on its side and you tweaked the pic to make it look slanted, yes?

Alex Rubio (06.23.09, 2:41 PM): Thought so, hehe, though how did you do it to keep the water away from the lens, hehe... Looks awesome...

Diane (06.23.09, 9:06 AM): Leave it up to you to think up something so dang creative! Gotta love it!

Scott Roeben (06.22.09, 10:59 PM): Re. Markable.

michael andrew (06.22.09, 6:33 PM): Just cut the end of the cup off and put my lens in it!

michael andrew (06.22.09, 4:03 PM): Just finishing off a drink from Taco Bell!

Diane (06.22.09, 3:58 PM): How fun is that?!?! How exactly did ya do it?

Boz (06.22.09, 3:33 PM): ok, on first glance, that looks discusting! But now that looks really cool ! Icey Cool!!

Alex Rubio (06.22.09, 3:32 PM): Wow, that looks really neat. Is that a plastic cup or a bottle?, You can almost make out the Pepsi logo on it...