clarissa (06.24.09, 1:56 AM): yeah, can't wait for this dvd!!!

Boz (06.21.09, 7:44 PM): Yeah Michael - I am so looking forward to adding this training video to my collection!

Alex Rubio (06.21.09, 6:26 PM): I second that motion, it does look familiar!

Joe Flanagan (06.21.09, 6:14 PM): That looks familiar!

Bixby (06.21.09, 2:18 AM): Ah! First again. This just shows how often I check in to see if the Speedlite DVD is finally out for sale! This is great news, Michael! I am very excited! Knowing your style of teaching, I'm sure this will be exceptional within DVD tutorials for speedlite. I got a good feeling that I will be the first to pre-order this. I am really looking forward to this. Fingers crossed!