mattkn1984 (07.06.09, 11:06 AM): Hey Michael It is awesome how you try to help other people just for free. Usually nobody helps you out when not getting anything. If you need anything just let me know - especially on the paintballer topic i have lots of pictures done so far. If you need any of them just feel free to ask. I will be happy if you could use some of them. Best wishes from Oversee Matt

michael andrew (06.21.09, 1:25 AM): Thank you Priscilla and Kelly- I appreciate it greatly. I feel very lucky to have so many people out there who support me, definitely makes it a lot easier to go after my goals. When I first started, I had no idea if my videos or lessons would be well received or not, but now that I know I have some support- its so much easier to work on big projects like the ones Ive listed. I appreciate everyone who comes to the blog.

Priscila (06.20.09, 10:26 AM): After attending the Tampa Workshop and seeing how dedicated you are to what you do (you truly love shows) I have become an even bigger Michael Andrew Fan. I will support you anyway I can. I'm so ready to get myself where I need to be so I can move on to the next level and maybe work on a few of those great ideas you have to say no to. (l'm really looking forward to trying the idea we shared @ the workshop). Keep up the energy and please count me as one of the positive people you keep around you :)

Kelly Easter (06.20.09, 3:32 AM): If there is any doubt about teaching us from your experience... don't doubt. Wasn't you who wrote a blog maybe even a year ago about "hurry up and make a mistake" so you can get past them to the good stuff! I know I sit when I should go because of fear of making a mistake... I like learning from yours instead... So hurry up MA and make a mistake...