Diane (06.19.09, 2:56 PM): Yes. Go into "Forum" and then into "Photography Games"......it's in there. Join in.....have fun.....check out all the 365s in there and watch how everyone grows with their skills. It's amazing!

Alex Rubio (06.19.09, 1:47 PM): Oh, great, I did not know that, thank you Diane. Is that located in the Forum somewhere?

Diane (06.19.09, 11:57 AM): Alex, there is a section in Michael's site where we post our 365s.

Alex Rubio (06.19.09, 10:41 AM): Nice, I think I might do something like it. I think I might take on the project on 01/01/2010... Michael, it would be great to have a section on your site were we could post them, do you think that might be a posibility? In the forum maybe?