Katie Vaughan (07.11.09, 10:46 AM): See...this is why I ALWAYS grab extra napkins with ice cream! :-)

Laura (06.17.09, 9:08 AM): Hey Michael, Enjoy it!! Isn't it funny how you feel like a young kid again when you go to Disney? Enjoy Universal! Be sure to check out Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville in City Walk. That is a fun place. Btw, just signed up for your Philadelphia, PA workshop for June 29th. Can't wait!!

Elizabeth (06.16.09, 5:56 PM): whoops, 'is', not 'it'...

Elizabeth (06.16.09, 5:56 PM): The fireworks show at Epcot it the best, totally worth waiting to watch!

Alex Rubio (06.16.09, 10:38 AM): Oh man, how nice... You must be having a blast... Wait till you see Epcot, you gonna love it. Don't forget what I told you about Spaceship Earth. Take some nice photo effects.

Omar (06.16.09, 9:22 AM): Nice Michael. Brings me back to my messy icecream days. Now lets see the shot of the icecream goatee, you know you have one...lol

Kelly Easter (06.16.09, 2:57 AM): We stayed at the Dolphin when we were there for business.