Jay (06.24.09, 1:10 AM): How do you do that picture with the guy in the white sunglasses in for different stances??

Priscila (06.16.09, 10:05 AM): OMG. I just love it. I had so much fun and learned tons. I'm back from vegas so I'll be sending you and the guys some of my pics.

Lisa Evans Australia (06.15.09, 12:03 AM): Lots of fun guys.... cool shots too!! :-)

Abdulla assaf (06.14.09, 4:26 AM): I will come to Tampa on August and I must to say that I feel sad that you were there and didn't meet you guys.Michel I will try my best in someday to have a meeting with you.You are the best teacher who I really enjoyed his way of dealing with such a great hobby. Best of luck

michael andrew (06.13.09, 10:14 PM): thanks so much! Im so glad you guys liked it- had such an amazing and FUN time with you. Ive added a few more images to the show! M

Diane (06.13.09, 6:02 PM): I hope you guys realize how dang lucky you are for experiencing that time with Michael......once again.....I am sooooooo jealous!

Joe (06.13.09, 5:24 PM): Awesome, Awesome, Awesome job on the slideshow. It wasn't untll yesterday evening that I realized just how much I learned this week. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this tour, and for choosing to come to Tampa!

Omar (06.13.09, 1:01 PM): Very nice. love the ugly faces pic. that was awesome!!!!

Anthony (06.13.09, 12:54 PM): nice work on the slide show!

sunfrog (06.13.09, 9:32 AM): hay i was wondering when flying can you bring your monopod with you or will they not let you take it on the plane did'nt want to try to take a tripod thanks

sunfrog (06.13.09, 8:49 AM): aaahhhh fun in the sun enjoy the ride brother 365 days will be gone before you know it take it easy or any way you can get it lol

Laurie (06.13.09, 2:46 AM): Looks like you are having a blast!! Great photos!