Pam (06.12.09, 2:43 PM): I love them I have 4... Lee gave everyone in the fam a bunch when they frist came out to advertise.. turns out he didn't need us! Hahaha his company is global now and everyone wears them it seems!!

omar (06.11.09, 10:08 PM): Yes Pam, it is a Rock Band...

omar (06.11.09, 10:07 PM): Any time brother!

pam (06.11.09, 10:03 PM): Omar is wearing a rock band!!! That my cousin Lee designed those braclets!!!

Omar (06.11.09, 8:12 PM): Aww sweeeet. You got to meet Tito Gomzalez! Michael I hope you at least got his autograph...lmao! Michael I had a blast man. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us. Believe it or not I am a lot more photography smart than I was four days ago. You will change a lot of peoples lives through out these workshops. Keep up the good work brother! Oh yeah, thanks for making me famous in the streets of Clearwater, LOL! It was fun. Peace out! Tito G.

chaos2k (06.11.09, 10:24 AM): PB Pro rocks. It was worth every penny I use it all the time

Priscila (06.11.09, 7:02 AM): Love Love the Paintballer Pro presets. I can’t believe I haven’t purchased them yet. Wait….ok purchased. I’m so excited. Can’t wait to use them. Michael, you did an great job demonstrating how you work in PS.