Casey (06.19.09, 1:56 PM): This really was a GREAT workshop! Thanks so much for posting these, Michael. And thanks for taking the time to spend the day with us in Montgomery. You gave us lots of great information and I loved getting to do some work with our camera in our hands, too. By far my favorite part was the night photography. I felt like a little kid playing with expensive toys. :)

Lisa Evans Australia (06.12.09, 7:53 AM): Wow, what a workshop!!! Michael, if you decide to embark on another road trip/ workshop, we would love to have you on the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia!!! I now have 3 of your dvd's an am referring you to all my photography buddies!! Dont wear yourself out... remember to stop and really experiience your journey :-) Lisa

chaos2k (06.10.09, 9:55 PM): looks like a blast. wish it was in the cards to make it to one.

Diane (06.10.09, 6:28 PM): You are 4 lucky! Having Michael all to yourselves. I bet you all learned a lot! I'm jealous.....yea! that's right...I'm jealous!

Melissa B. (06.10.09, 4:30 PM): Oh...and the painting of light series reminded me of the moment that I stepped off that tiny ledge and fell flat on my rear end. Not my best moment, but funny! And...the couple whose romantic moment(s) we most definitely infringed upon! Yikes! :)

Melissa B. (06.10.09, 4:23 PM): What great pictures...and if it looks like we had fun, then you only know half of it! We had a blast!! Thanks for putting the slideshow together, was fun to watch the day unfold again. :)

Yvonne Olds (06.10.09, 2:49 PM): Those 4 girls had you all to themselves. They must have learned so much & look like you guys had so much fun... I hope our group in Vegas will be as intimate. I can't wait!!

Scott Roeben (06.10.09, 2:33 PM): Whoo-hoo! Looks like SO much fun. And, uh, there's gonna be pizza?! Am I living a dream-come-true, or what?

Julia Shinkle (06.10.09, 9:36 AM): Those are some amazing shots! I think I know what the over the shoulder shots is a way to use your body as a tripod. I am getting excited. Any bites on Oregon. I am trying to spread the word as much as I can.

Alexandra (06.10.09, 8:11 AM): I may have to catch a workshop just to learn how to paint with light! Looks like you guys had so much fun.

Kelly Easter (06.10.09, 6:32 AM): Ok... I have to know... what is with the over the shoulder shots?

Kjersti (06.10.09, 2:35 AM): You are working, but having fun at the same time. What could be better than that? Great slides.