Alex Rubio (06.09.09, 8:39 AM): I see where you are coming from, interesting. By the way welcome to Florida...!!!

Kelly Easter (06.09.09, 12:34 AM): Road Trips are the best. I am a better, happier, more well adjusted person after a healthy drive. They give you the chance to blow the stink off... and by stink I mean troubles/stress.

Kjersti (06.08.09, 11:23 PM): I get that. When I start talking about something that is stressing me out, my friends tell me that it isn't so bad. They then proceed to tell me about their stress, and I find myself thinking that is nothing in comparison to what I had just talked about. You are right when you stated that we make things up in our heads. I am now catching myself and I just pretend that things are not so stressful, and I actually am finding it is allowing me to take a little time to play each day even if it is 20 min in the ocean. A lot of my stress is caused by my own thoughts in my head. I can be my own worst enemy or my biggest ally.