Deepak (06.08.09, 8:11 AM): Wow!! Thats a good news

Scott Roeben (06.07.09, 3:04 AM): It becomes ever more obvious with each passing project that you truly pour your heart and soul into these DVDs, Michael. I have no doubt this will be yet another exceptional effort. Can't wait to see it!

michael andrew (06.06.09, 11:07 PM): well, 2 days later, I am still sitting in this very exact chair. We've only been stopping to eat, and are about to render the first final copy of the 580 Speedlite Crash Course DVD. Im very excited for it!

Abraham (06.06.09, 11:06 AM): Michael, I absolutely cannot wait for the 580 DVD... I see you're working with MBP? Not sure if that's yours or not. I was wondering, could you maybe do one of those nice short videos (perhaps in series) and address the topic of color management workflow? I'm sure I'll understand your explanation much better than the myriad of confusing info out there. Thanks!

sunfrog (06.06.09, 10:40 AM): hard work and achievements go hand in hand hang in there budy it well be worth it all

Anthony (06.06.09, 12:09 AM): COOL! Can't wait!