michael andrew (06.08.09, 10:04 PM): Thank you so much for coming Andrea! It was great to meet you, please let me know how everything works out with your business and good luck with your new baby- that is so exciting!

Andrea Jordan (06.07.09, 3:50 PM): That you so much. I had a great time and learned so much. I don't know if I can do the 365 every day but I am going to try to work with my camera each day if possible.

michael andrew (06.06.09, 11:13 PM): it was great meeting you too April! Ill have the slideshow up soon, cramming on the Speedlite DVD. Thanks again for coming!

April K. (06.06.09, 6:20 PM): Thanks again Michael! It was such a great day. I thought it would be too much to do a 12 hour workshop, but it went by so fast, and I remember thinking "wait, there is still so much... I want more!!!" I have learned so much, I can't wait to play more with the techniques we learned! You are awesome! Thanks again!!!

Bixby (06.05.09, 8:04 PM): Hey Michael! I appreciate the update on the Speedlite DVD. I can't wait to see it!!!! Thanks for taking the time to make it worth while. I just can't help but say... arrrrgh... I can't wait!!!!!

Diane (06.05.09, 2:23 PM): Looks like a fun time!

Melissa B. (06.05.09, 12:16 AM): By the way, I'm exhausted, too...I can only imagine your level of exhaustion! Goodnight! :)

Melissa B. (06.05.09, 12:15 AM): Kids playing with our cameras. What a great way to put it!! Michael, I think I speak for everyone (though they are certainly welcome to speak for themselves here :)) when I say that we all had an awesome time today. So much learned...and so much that still has to be processed!! It was an information-packed day...and I encourage anyone who might be "on the fence" about attending one of the other workshops...just go!