michael andrew (10.17.07, 3:45 AM): your feedback has been great- more revisions to come, including two collages....tho they may be after a quick trip out to Idaho!

Elizabeth (10.17.07, 1:36 AM): yeah, the font is kinda bugging me too. I like the way you used it for your website though, totally clear. I was looking through some old wedding magazines for ideas. There was one for a photographer, whole page, where they wasted most of the page with a HUGE white border. Don't do that, whatever you do. Use the page to your advantage.

Maria (10.16.07, 3:18 PM): Really like the picture - to me it shows that you pay attention to the other details of the wedding other than just the bride and groom. Things that they will be able to look back on and remember, thanks to the photographer :) I also like the bolding of the m,a,and p in the web address. That makes it more clear ... don't even really mind the font, really - however most others did, so I guess go with the majority. Good luck!

Caroline (10.16.07, 8:07 AM): I think the picture is awesome and great for the ad. It is different and will catch anyone's eye! Just maybe work on the text.

michael andrew (10.15.07, 3:21 PM): yeah I do....I am totally open for any criticism on this because most of the readers of this blog are exactly the type of people I am trying to target. The ad is in a fantastic position, I get 2-3 seconds of the readers attention, I dont want there to be any confusion. Its a great picture, just maybe not the best for a full page color ad.

Kim (10.15.07, 2:53 PM): I agree with apple, try putting a bride's face in the left corner or even the right for that matter, almost like a pop up?? I hope you know what I'm trying to say. Anyway yeah I love the picture but the writing is a little funky.

michael andrew (10.15.07, 2:02 PM): yeah I dont really like the font on this one either, this was a re-design by a graphic artist. Everyone has made some very good points, a collage may be the way to go.

apple (10.15.07, 11:12 AM): I wasn't going to say anything either- but the lower case e on extraordinary threw me off too! Everytime I look at this, I keep wishing there were like a profile of a bride's face in the left of the picture, over the white dress. I have been looking through wedding mags with my sister who is engaged, and the ads that catch my eye the most have faces in them... just my 2 cents. (maybe something for your collage format) I actually saw another photographer's ad that was a collage that featured beautiful shoes in each picture, and it took me a minute to figure out if it was a shoe ad or photog ad.

Caroline (10.15.07, 9:57 AM): That looks great! Okay-I am going to be really picky and say I don't like the way the "e" looks. Other than that -great~