Michael Andrew (07.26.07, 9:39 PM): You are funny Kim :) The shoot was awesome...I wish I could spill it as to why, but I cant! It was a great opportunity to learn some very cool skills. I think word is getting out about my wedding photography. I have shoots in Utah, Florida and Arizona all in the next few months. Thanks for being brave Kim. Hope you are doing well. - M

Kim (07.26.07, 3:45 PM): I must say that it is a cool idea to do the whole mattress safe but...it doesn't seem that hard to get into. Anyway that's sounds way cool that you got to that shoot! Your name is going to be known all over the world soon. When someone says yeah I had Michael Andrew take my photos I can be like yeah I know him and then they'll be like you are so cool and then I'd be like, yeah, i know it.