K.Cox (05.25.09, 11:23 PM): It never ceases to amaze me when people see you set up with your gear that they dont have the good graces to give you just a moment... A for patience.

Kjersti (05.25.09, 10:28 PM): Thank you for waiting around to get that shot. Worth it!

chaos2k (05.25.09, 3:26 PM): Great shots. looks like your having a blast

Boz (05.25.09, 11:40 AM): Wow, there's an amazing 365 for the memory books. Love your night shots - great detail! My guess is you're wanting to get to stonehedge...though a bunch of standing rocks may seem a little boring at this point in your adventures!

Adrian (05.25.09, 8:20 AM): ooh, davinci code stuff.