Katlin (11.13.09, 1:11 PM): What up Mike! I have not seen you in Forever! Nice to see you.

Mike M (05.25.09, 5:01 PM): I'm not nervous, I just don't always like it. :) Happy to help out, though!

michael andrew (05.22.09, 5:49 PM): Thanks everyone! Yes Bill, I believe these are people who jog to and from work each day and they just pack their clothes with them.

chaos2k (05.22.09, 4:36 PM): Great shots M.

kc (05.22.09, 11:01 AM): i love the new pics do u hace a flickr page???

Bill (05.22.09, 7:02 AM): are the joggers running home from work in lieu of using the public transportation?

Lauri (05.22.09, 1:14 AM): Thank you for sharing your trip with us! Your pictures are wonderful as always and they show what an amazing time you are having!

kim (05.22.09, 12:01 AM): oh how fantastic! wish i was there with you!

Kjersti (05.21.09, 11:40 PM): THANKS!!!!! You brought Mike back for a male model :-) Key word is "male".

K.Cox (05.21.09, 10:55 PM): Thank You Soooo much for sharing this experience with us!!

Elizabeth (05.21.09, 9:33 PM): lol...I am sure he is enjoying that...