Gary (05.16.09, 8:11 PM): Please let me know when you put out this DVD - I would like one

K.Cox (05.14.09, 4:10 PM): Maybe that would be worth a workshop, A Model Workshop.... Heavily weighted toward males :)

Brian (05.14.09, 9:08 AM): So how much money did you take out of the ATM?

Kjersti (05.14.09, 6:16 AM): I usually complain that you rarely use male models in your photos, but for the first time I have to say that you found a female model that is interesting for me to look at :-) She has a physique that I think most women would want to know her exercise & diet plan. I also like that she is just unique looking. I still wouldn't mind a male model every now and again. lol. I could see that photo in a magazine ad. GREAT JOB!!!!

michael andrew (05.14.09, 2:45 AM): Im planning a video lesson on it. :)

K.Cox (05.14.09, 2:23 AM): Is there a tip you can teach the rest of us on finding the beautiful people to photograph...

Rob (05.13.09, 11:03 PM): I see you. Looks like you are holding the speedlight

chaos2k (05.13.09, 2:54 PM): WOW I love this shot! great processing M

Derrick (05.13.09, 2:21 PM): I see you!!! =)

michael andrew (05.13.09, 1:53 PM): One single Speedite. Im definitely in there, you just have to look carefully. :)

Diane (05.13.09, 1:23 PM): I cannot find Michael!

Alexandra (05.13.09, 1:00 PM): How many speedlights were used for this picture?

Boz (05.13.09, 8:52 AM): Great overall even exposure - love it - no Major flash splash on the subject - very nice. I'm still using the 430, I'm thinking it's about time to make the jump for that 580! Going to have to change my Gary Fong now though!

Kate (05.13.09, 8:00 AM): I can't see you. :( This model looks like Jillian Michaels. OK - so how is it that you're always hanging around the hottest girls? One of them has got to be wifey material.....

Adrian (05.13.09, 6:43 AM): I see you. I like how this is turning into where's waldo of photography. fun stuff. :)

michael andrew (05.13.09, 5:22 AM): Much of it will, the concepts of flash and lighting especially. It wont help on the specifics of setting your flash up, unfortunately. :(

Kathy (05.13.09, 5:15 AM): I have a Nikon speedlight....will this video help me with it?