K.Cox (05.10.09, 11:40 PM): MA-Awesome!! I knew you would think of everything... that is why I love your videos! Kudos-

michael andrew (05.09.09, 10:11 PM): Its covered in depth on the Speedlite DVD! Yay! :)

K.Cox (05.09.09, 10:06 PM): MA-Will we be lucky enough to have a lesson on using pocket wizards with our flash set-up?

michael andrew (05.09.09, 3:39 AM): I own a couple (White, 5 in 1), but the one I am convinced is the most useful is the plain 32" diffuser, which as demonstrated above can work as a reflector as well. Its also a perfect size and fits great into my camera bag.

K.Cox (05.08.09, 9:49 PM): Speaking of Disks... MA which ones do you own?

Diane (05.08.09, 6:49 PM): Very good Derrick.....Michael, I just love your expression in this shot! LOL

michael andrew (05.08.09, 5:29 PM): very perceptive! Also, the disk is translucent, (meaning it is diffuse and lets some light through)

Derrick (05.08.09, 12:32 PM): Bounce flash using a relector, lights up the subject on both sides (e.g. your face) unlike the other subject?

sunfrog (05.08.09, 9:59 AM): still just learning but my gess is when shooting at night get up close to flash and use a reflector and to let you no i just ordered the 580ex11 this mornning you saved me alot of money THANKS ALOT !!!!! oh and find a hot girl to shoot with at night LOL