michael andrew (05.09.09, 10:13 PM): It depends on how many you have. I recommend having at least 2 if not 3 580s. If you dont have any others, absolutely YES. I will say this: I like to use the older 580's as masters because of the easy access switch on the bottom that the new 580 dont have. This would be the only advantage the older one has.

Berry Woodson (05.09.09, 6:40 PM): Is it worth upgrading from the original 580?

kim (05.07.09, 10:23 PM): thanks for your comment, glad i could return the favor for all the times you made me open my eyes ;p good luck! don't get discouraged.

michael andrew (05.07.09, 8:43 PM): glad to help!

sunfrog (05.07.09, 7:04 PM): micheal you are the man i was just fixing to buy a 580ex and just haven'tgot around to it i'll be getting it tomorrow thanks to you thanks alot you helping people just never stops you no what they say no good deed goes unrewarded my next purchase will be your 580ex dvd when you get it out YOU ARE THE MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diane (05.07.09, 6:38 PM): I wish I could....I wish I could......but I received the 430 for Christmas ... gotta keep that one for a while.....