Barry (05.02.09, 6:19 AM): Sometimes little problems can expose weaknesses in a system, this might be a good way for us to consider and prepare for something bigger and meaner.

Dan (05.01.09, 9:15 PM): I dont think michael was hyping it up or being a fear monger. As time passes, more information will come out, we still dont know everything about it. There is nothing wrong with taking precaution, even if it turns out to be nothing. Being over prepared never hurts while being under prepared always does.

Adrian (05.01.09, 7:26 PM): please don't buy into the hype. there have been 330 cases WORLDWIDE and only 10 deaths. So many more people die of the regular flu, it kills 30000 people per year. don't believe the hype

Rob (04.30.09, 11:20 AM): They canceled my sons tournament at Queens college because of the flu. Haven't heard of any cases here yet. I don't think it will be so bad here in the US. A lot of people get the flu shot. Though it may be a different strain of the flu, the severity of it will not be as bad for those who have had the shot.

Derrick (04.30.09, 11:17 AM): Thank you for your note! I must be getting too comfortable (and old) these days. The last time I took similar action was just I got home and learned the WTC towers had just collapsed. Your note reminded (us) that we need to always be prepared for the worst. Thank you!

K.Cox (04.30.09, 10:47 AM): It has shown here in Indiana, and so far there is no talk of city/state quarantine. I am surprised with the numbers in NY they have not already put a plan in place. I couldn't help but smile when I read your text... we keep a months worth of water for ourselves and our pets, we keep gas tanks, dog food bens, and pantrys full. Partly because of Bob's time in the military... and my being female and having that security gland that (most) men do not have. :) I think MA was a Boy Scout.

Diane (04.30.09, 10:38 AM): They've closed two schools (that I'm awere of) here....;-O

Chase (04.30.09, 9:12 AM): Good advice...couple kids here in Huntsville have contracted it and all of the schools in the entire county have been put on lockdown for a week. I think you are right, we will know more in a weeks or so...