Boz (04.30.09, 3:26 PM): Lens cleaning pens - I'm stocked with them right now, I just ordered them in bulk on ebay, they are a great, and fairly inexpensive give away - just a little twist on the pen give away, though pens are Great too!

Diane (04.30.09, 10:38 AM): Michael, maybe at one of the locations made a video that would be available to those of us who cannot attend?!?!

Adrian (04.29.09, 10:10 PM): free lollipops or paintballer pro? surely if you give away one, people will buy the other. or you could have some drawings for a few DVD's at the end of the event. bing a big guy, T-shirts are never big enough and I usually end up giving mine to someone else. I like Kcox's idea about partnering. you may be able to partner with a company like to get an additional week free on a rental.

K.Cox (04.29.09, 7:00 PM): Honestly, when I was a Sales Rep and the company wanted to get us something nice... we were given every odd creative thing you can think of... but the one thing we always liked the most, was a REALLY NICE PEN with the meeting logo (heavy silver metal). We'd go back in the field and Drs and others we called on would do their best to steal it away... it always reminded us of the meeting. I would have gladly given up the: beach towel, the floating sponge sailboat, the art deco plate, the t-shirts that were child-sized (big opps), flip-flops, ball cap, jump drives, hotel internet cords, highlighter sets, portable cd players, flu shots (really happened), lawn chairs, starbucks gift cards, leather notepad portfolio, mug, hand sanitizer... The only other thing besides the pen that I can say I used more than once... was a black leather shoulder bag (It was big and open, I threw power cords/cables, portable hard drives in it. Again had the logo embroider on it and people often asked me about it in airports wanting to know where they could get one.) -One Idea would be to network with your photo lab and give a certificate for 10- 8x10s hopefully they would donate it and it wouldn't cost MA a dime.

Jen (04.29.09, 6:26 PM): How about a picture frame?