Colleen (05.18.09, 1:01 PM): Absolutely beautiful shots. Thank you for the gift! Awesome!

Abdullah (05.17.09, 5:54 PM): Great set ,Thank you for the gift. truly awesome...

Ootie (05.17.09, 4:05 PM): Absolutely awesome pictures! Thank you for sharing them.

Anthony (04.29.09, 5:13 PM): Great pictures M, thanks for putting them out.

Mike Cruz (04.29.09, 2:13 PM): I'm downloading it! I know its going to be great! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Sunny (04.29.09, 10:00 AM): Awesome, thank you. I've been enjoying your travels and daily self shots.

michael andrew (04.29.09, 4:13 AM): Ummm....I like them all! Have the flower one above on my desktop :)

K.Cox (04.29.09, 12:30 AM): MA-Which Photo is your favorite?

Kim (04.28.09, 4:22 PM): Amazing, so inspiring!

Adrian (04.28.09, 4:08 PM): Good stuff!

Lauri (04.28.09, 3:53 PM): Awesome pictures!!

chaos2k (04.28.09, 3:41 PM): Beautiful shots Michael! thanks for sharing

Alstare (04.28.09, 3:26 PM): Great set... Going through them as I type this!

Diane (04.28.09, 6:59 AM): Lovely shot, Michael.