michael andrew (10.12.07, 12:57 AM): so true! I think you get me Tammy!

Tammy (10.11.07, 12:09 PM): I can relate to your need to visit the post office. I daily feel the need to de-clutter my mind by finishing up the last thing on my "mental check list" regaurdless if that thing could be done on another day. I feel like it free's my "chee"(qi) to flow :)Sometimes we crave certain foods for a reason. Maybe we crave a hamburger because our body really needs the protein in the burger to repair muscle. About ten years ago I bought a brand new car because I just had to have it. I remember the stress I experienced after the initial novelty of having it wore off. The payments were quite high! I know now that going out and buying the new vehicle I want isn't going to bring me lasting happiness based on prior experience. But I can't say the desire to have it isn't still there.

Eva (10.08.07, 8:59 PM): Eva: Here is a piece of info: Emotions are always preceded by a thought. Catch the tought, and you catch the emotion. The reason we do not recongnize the thought coming first, is because often the thought is coming up from the subconscious. Emotions are like trails following thoughts.

apple (10.08.07, 1:08 PM): ok, another thought... how do you differentiate emotional decisions from spiriutal/God driven decisions... they are so intertwined sometimes!!

Tracy (10.08.07, 9:56 AM): I love this topic and the thoughts that have gone on to the comments. A friend of mine were just having this same type of conversation yesterday. How do you tell the emotional side to turn off when that side has been making the decisions for so long and at what point is the emotional side get to continue to make the choices?

apple (10.08.07, 8:43 AM): ok- I see what you're saying. I think I have experienced that. I think maybe then the hunch or vibe that you feel then elicits a feeling of a certain emotion down the road. For instance, if it is a vibe about something good or positive, you end up feeling joy or happiness???

michael andrew (10.08.07, 1:22 AM): For me a vibe is very unemotional, almost like a hunch, you sense something, but not with one of the 5 senses. Its something you cannot explain or describe, but it also doesnt change your mood. Emotions are mood changing. I think life is at its best when both your mind (logic) and heart (emotion) are on the same page.

apple (10.07.07, 11:59 PM): I guess my problem has been distinguishing between a vibe/intuition and emotion... I think I understand it more as my life goes on... but who knows!

apple (10.07.07, 11:58 PM): Well said. In fact after I wrote my comment I wondered if you were implying that following emotion was bad in all cases, and in fact I thought that photography is all about capturing emotions... and it would be an oxymoron for you to feel that way :)

michael andrew (10.07.07, 2:46 PM): Well, I think there is a difference between emotion and instinct. Instinct is vibe you can get, without feeling a sense of emotion. I believe that the actual formulation of our decision making process should be as logical as possible. Decisions based completely on emotion seem to have potential to be misguided, ask any prison inmate. I have learned though, that the two can work together, for example photography. Logically, its a great thing fit for me and it was very difficult for me to quit school, but once I made that choice, its easy for me to get emotional about it because I love it so much. For me, my emotions play a powerful creative role when I attach them to decisions Ive made with logic. The same goes with love...a person can love someone who is a bad match, or love someone who is a perfect fit, if they are both there its a great thing. In science we would call this "required but insufficent" meaning, you need it but in and of itself, emotion is not enough.

apple (10.07.07, 12:24 PM): Well, the trick seems to be knowing when to follow your emotions/instincts, and when not to. Emotions can serve us well, and I think there is a reason we have them. It's the knowing when to follow and emotion and when not to... have you figured out the answer to that?