clippingimages (01.04.11, 12:59 AM): very innovative photography...............

aaron (06.22.10, 8:22 PM): I agree with Mindy, are these workshops for people with little experience and few lenses?

mindy (06.18.09, 12:31 AM): I wanted to know about the Vegas workshop. I am new to photography and don’t have a lot experience. I also don’t have a lot of different lenses. Is this still something that would be good for me or is this more for expert photographers. Please help.

michael andrew (04.26.09, 3:01 AM): Update: Automated Online registration forms are almost completed. Look for registration to open on Monday. :)

Priscila M (04.25.09, 11:05 PM): OMG!! I'm soo excited.. I really don't want to miss out. ok, i'm on 24hr watch now. Even check this blog on my phone. The minute you post the link, i'm signing up.. Dang, now what date and place will I attend.. decisions, decisions.