K.Cox (04.21.09, 9:42 PM): Next step MA... A NERD CRUISE!!Have you ever heard of them? You book a cruise, and instead of gambling and shuffleboard when you are at sea you are taking classes with others who have the same interest as you. THEN you get off at these beautiful destinations and shoot all day. When do we set sail? (Honestly they are so great, your spouses and kids can play if they don't want to participate, or entire families go and bond through the learning experience.)

michael andrew (04.21.09, 2:55 PM): Kate! Email me: shiffler@gmail.com- Id love to put one on in Detroit. Jack, yes please come to London if you can, the more interest we have in this the longer I will stay :) Others who have commented I will email you shortly. :)

Julia (04.21.09, 1:56 PM): I don't see Oregon on any of the lists. You're welcome to come here!

heidi (04.21.09, 1:34 PM): i am hardly a photographer but if you are looking for a place to crash in kansas city, we would love to have you.

JackVegas (04.21.09, 11:06 AM): It´s awesome seeing a plan coming to live...amazing! As European (Austrian) I maybe can combine a trip to London with your workshop there...would be great!

Lauri (04.21.09, 8:44 AM): Michael, you are going to have a wonderful summer traveling to all these places!! We are so honored to have you do a workshop here!

Amber Coppi (04.21.09, 7:23 AM): YAY! I am so excited that you may be coming to the NC area. I would totally offer to be a host, but I am not sure I would be very helpful in choosing locations and all that since I am new to the area :(

Kate Justice (04.21.09, 6:06 AM): Hum.....not interested in Detroit, eh? Well, I can't say I blame you. :) I received the XSI DVD yesterday. I feel as though I've already learned so much. Thank you. Have fun adventuring.