michael andrew (04.21.09, 5:25 PM): Hey Jennifer! Not sure on the date yet, but the One Day Workshop Cost is $300. I promise to make it worth your while and time. I will have more details on classes and bonuses for attendees coming soon.

Jennifer (04.21.09, 10:08 AM): I live near Pocatello and would like to know what date you plan on having the workshop and the cost. I would love to attend!

Adrian (04.20.09, 7:19 PM): Just sent you an email about a possible 1 day in Louisville, KY. Ranked #4 friendliest city in the US for photography by Popular Photography magazine.

Scott Roeben (04.20.09, 1:33 PM): Man, ya miss looking at your blog for just one or two days, and you can miss A LOT! This is great, and Vegas looks forward to your wizardry.

Bill (04.20.09, 8:22 AM): I'll host in Akron, Ohio. MA, I'll send you an email too.

Mark Iuzzolino (04.20.09, 8:21 AM): Michael, I would like to host for the West Jersey/PA area. I'm 10 minutes from the Easton, PA border. Let me know if you would consider that area. This sounds awesome and it would be a privilege to have your tutelage.

Kate Justice (04.20.09, 8:12 AM): I would be interested in hosting an event in Detroit. I am super, super, mega green with photography, don't have photoshop on my home PC (maybe I can work on that), and don't know any other photographers, but I have a lot of friends that I could use to network. I am open to all ideas and discussions. :)

K.Cox (04.20.09, 3:00 AM): Do you have dates on Nashville 3day?