Ashley Aynes (04.20.09, 8:09 AM): Thanks!

michael andrew (04.19.09, 8:12 PM): Hey Diane- Do you want to host a workshop? Email me if you are interested!

michael andrew (04.19.09, 7:35 PM): Kauai + Helicopter Ride = Once in a lifetime experience. Congratulations on your pregnancy! :)

Ashley Aynes (04.19.09, 5:51 PM): Michael, I've enjoyed your Hawaii pictures. Collin and I are going to Hawaii in a month. We are staying in Oahu, but plan on visitng one other island for the day. If you had to pick one island to spend a day on (other than Oahu) which would it be and what would you do? Please keep in mind that I'm pregnant so I can't do anything really adventerous (unfortunately!)

Diane (04.19.09, 12:46 PM): Dang! I wish I could be a brave soul....I haven't quite gathered up the nerve to take shots like that....heck! even in my backyard I'm looking around to make sure nobody's watching :-)