hawaii rocher (01.16.10, 2:07 AM): COME TO DALLAS TEXAS FOR SURE!! love your work Michael!


Wendy Ternes (08.06.09, 1:25 PM): I live in Southern CA, and would love to attend! I could help.

Amanda (05.05.09, 10:58 PM): I live about 60 miles from Nashville, I really wish I could attend the 3 day workshop, but I start school next week with the Art Institute of TN-Nashville, so I'm pretty sure that I could not get the 3 days off to attend. Maybe you will have another event near me in the future.

michael andrew (04.20.09, 2:34 AM): no manager yet Elizabeth...are you volunteering? lol

michael andrew (04.19.09, 8:35 PM): Canada might happen...:)

Nathan (04.19.09, 9:55 AM): I think you should come to canada

Elizabeth (04.18.09, 11:23 PM): ha...I couldn't help but think that you are like a band going on tour for the summer...do you have a manager? :)

Jess (04.18.09, 8:54 PM): I would be up for attending anything that was in my neck of the woods . . . Charleston, SC. I would LOVE a family shoot. We'll be in Utah for most of August though so hopefully I can make something work.

Jonni (04.18.09, 6:59 PM): Well I guess I'm the first one to shout out from the west coast. I am in Fresno Ca. But would probably travel anywhere in the state to get to a workshop with you!

Anthony (04.18.09, 5:14 PM): Hey M, I see you have Miami up there that be great if you come there as I know people down there would love to attend a workshop with you! Cant wait to see what you finally decide on Anthony

Kjersti (04.18.09, 1:47 PM): This will be a summer to remember. Yesterday at work were speaking about how different each state is and how the people are unique in their own way in each state as well. I brought up that you will be going to each state this year and the people I work wth all thought that sounded like such a fun and exciting thing to do. It is funny how people in Europe travel all over, but so many of us have not seen all of the United States. Good for you! You are going to have so much fun.

Lauri (04.18.09, 9:38 AM): Michael, if you were to add Minnesota to your list I could get enough people to attend your workshop and would be happy to organize it!

Laura (04.18.09, 9:35 AM): Hey Michael! WOW!! That is awesome! I am in Pennsylvania, but I can drive into NYC (about 1 1/2 hour drive for me) for your workshop. I would be honored to attend one of your workshops. Hopefully you can make it out to NY or PA!

Tracy (04.18.09, 8:23 AM): Mike I'd love to do a family shoot also here in Missouri but my sister's wedding in Seattle this summer would be great also! Happy traveling!

Diane (04.18.09, 8:21 AM): Michael....I hope you come to CT but if you get up to New Hampshire I AM THERE and I definitely know of two other photographers up there who would LOVE to be part of this!

Kyle (04.18.09, 8:08 AM): Great idea Michael. Our family is in Iowa (located right at the 2 major interstates that pass through our state. We'd LOVE a family shoot. We have three kids and both my wife and I enjoy taking pictures but have much to learn. Love your blog!

Kathy (04.18.09, 7:15 AM): What a great idea, Michael!!! I'd attend any class you decide in Tn. We have a spare room you're welcome to stay in, and a lovely model to practice on..in Jackson, Tn. which is 200 mi from Nasville and 80 mi from Memphis.

Bill (04.18.09, 7:00 AM): I'm in Akron, Ohio. Would love to have a family shoot and meet you. I have 3 smiling kids! I learn a tremendous amount of info from this blog and would be interested in a workshop. I'm just an amateur....I only do photography for my family....but love to learn. I'll be watching for updates. whcvammen@gmail.com