Frances Gaul (09.25.09, 8:06 AM): Any plans to come to Seattle, WA?

michael andrew (04.19.09, 3:05 AM): Lauri and Boz- Email me the cities you would be interested in and we can go from there! :) M

Lauri (04.18.09, 9:43 AM): Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful summer! It would be a pleasure to have you in Minnesota visiting and putting on a workshop!

Boz (04.18.09, 8:30 AM): WOW ! I missed one day of your blog, and I come back to this!! I'm not in a state - but I'd jump the border for a few hours for sure - I'm sure I could get a number together for Michigan if that ever comes into your plans -what a great way to make your state to state trips even more memorable!!! I would absolutely love to shoot a wedding with you, what an incredible experience.

michael andrew (04.18.09, 5:11 AM): If there was enough interest (meaning more than 5 or 6 attendees...YES! I would!)

Dean coutts (04.18.09, 4:25 AM): Any plans to come to Newcastle, Australia? haha

Alstare (04.17.09, 10:27 PM): The workshop options sound fantastic!

P. Amerine (04.17.09, 8:51 PM): A wedding shoot would be fantastic but agree it would be too much pressure.

K.Cox (04.17.09, 8:44 PM): If I didnt need it to push the shutter, I would give my right arm to shoot a wedding with MA.

Rob (04.17.09, 8:09 PM): It would be a great learning experience to shoot a wedding but way too much pressure for me. It's not exactly the field of photography I'm into either.