Dan R (04.17.09, 3:04 PM): this is interesting- I wonder how their nutritional info stacks up against something like....McDonalds or Burger King? If I am not mistaken, most fast foods are loaded with not only sodium, but fat as well. Some burgers can have 50+ grams of fat, which is something I personally would be more worried about.

Sabine (04.17.09, 12:23 PM): Thanks for the link. I have been wondering about Chick Filet's nutritionals. I love their food, but their menu is super-loaded with sodium. The chargrilled chicken and the one with fruit contains 860mb of sodium. That is more than 50% of my daily allowance. The "wraps" are even worse: the sodium content ranges in the 1500's and with 1600 mg total allowance of daily sodium intake...not really a viable option unless if I only eat that ONE meal per day. Now I know why they taste so good!! :(

Elizabeth (04.17.09, 10:51 AM): They are building a new one in Northport where the Blockbuster used to be on McFarland next to Kmart...you better believe I am going to be one of the first ones through the door...

Bob in ATL (04.17.09, 9:53 AM): Michael - was this your iPhone on the counter?

Bob in ATL (04.17.09, 9:52 AM): Yea Karen, but I always crave it on Sunday!

Karen (04.17.09, 7:40 AM): ...and they're also closed on Sundays, which I think is awesome.