Sabine (04.17.09, 1:21 AM): Rescuing the "damsel in distress"..very cute!! Great idea. And I too think it looks great! You are such an inspiration with all your creativity!

Dan R (04.11.09, 2:09 PM): Hilarious! This took a lot of work Michael- its not everyday you see something like it!

Diane (04.11.09, 9:17 AM): I agree with're way too critical of yourself (but aren't we all? ;-) ).....I do agree with you tho' that keeping up the creativity is really difficult...especially when you've got a zillion other things going on in your a job!

Boz (04.11.09, 7:54 AM): ahhh come on, my husband and I got a good chuckle over this - that's a great one - give yourself a pat on the back ! :) I just told yesterday I spend too much time worrying about little details in a single picture - slowing things down significantly - But - I understand, wanting to get the image the way you have it pictured in your mind - hard to just let it go eh? I still think it's Great - will be neat to see the before and after later.