michael andrew (04.15.09, 12:24 AM): lol...you feel the pain I go through with every Canon model release. :)

DadofTwoGirls (04.14.09, 1:55 PM): Great. Just getting used to the Canon 50D and feeling like I have taken I step towards the professional end of the spectrum. Now they put out a Rebel that appears identical in most respects and better in others. Kind of like buying TV's these days. You get yours home and they put a better one on the shelf when you leave the store.

michael andrew (04.11.09, 2:18 AM): expect a steep drop in the 50D come May 24th.

Alstare (04.11.09, 12:36 AM): Seems almost pointless to buy a 50D now with the cost of this newer enhanced version being considerably less, no?