Bixby (04.28.09, 10:58 PM): Hello guys, this is my first posting but I've been a long time lurker here. One of the reasons I bought a 430 is because I found out that Michael is making a DVD tutorial for these bad boys. I got his 50D DVD and I'm hooked. Can't wait to get this new DVD!!!!! Any news on when we can pre-order and when it's coming out?

Nathan (04.10.09, 6:53 PM): I want it

Scott Roeben (04.09.09, 2:30 PM): Gorgeous!

Boz (04.09.09, 2:26 PM): Just on the verge of getting the 580, love the 430 already, but really feel I'm not even getting it's full potential yet - just started using it with the Flash Pro Waves (similar to pocket wizards, but with less distance, and cheaper). Definatly in on the pre order though - looking forward to adding to my Crash Course Collection!

chaos2k (04.09.09, 10:49 AM): I don't even have a speedlight yet and I'm 90% sure I will preorder Your stuff is great and I know I want the 580 in the future

Minerva (04.09.09, 10:32 AM): Please hurry and release... need it.

Alex (04.09.09, 10:15 AM): Count me in as one of those waiting for this. I have a SpeedLite 430EX II that basically sits in my bag because I'm too intimidated to use it.

Omar (04.09.09, 8:15 AM): Where do we start the line???

Steve (04.09.09, 7:46 AM): I've been waiting awhile for this. Can't wait to see it.

Diane (04.09.09, 6:50 AM): I can't wait. I have the 430EX II and read and re-read the manual that came with it and ...duh!!! I'm hoping this will get me to using my speedlite!