kim (03.31.09, 2:16 PM): I know what you mean. Every time we go I always say it feels like home. I hope one day we will have the money to be able to live there

Tony (03.31.09, 1:46 PM): Hey, well said by both Michael and Kjersti!! One question, Michael what lens is that your using in the top pic?

Kjersti (03.31.09, 5:43 AM): I can't sleep, so I might as well write a comment :-) I have my own understanding of what you are saying. I have not been in a relationship for about 2 yrs now. Actually I don't even get to date here on Maui. I can't believe I am revealing that on here, but it might explain what I am about to say. On the mainland, that would be a big issue to not be dating, but I don't feel empty here on Maui. Maui fills a void for me. I am so content here. My sister thinks I am crazy for being here. Seriously, I can't seem to break up with the islands. I went from Maui to Kauai and then back to Maui. From the people here to the beauty, my life is made full.