michael andrew (03.31.09, 1:51 AM): great question Scott- to be honest, I feel I am taking myself out of the moment when I am not taking everyone along for the ride. Its strange, Im on Kauai alone for the most part, but when I do these little adventures, it feels like when Im taking images or making a movie that everyone who reads the blog is right there with me, like we are experiencing it together. When I dont record/take pictures, I feel like Ive wasted a good opportunity to share.

K.Cox (03.30.09, 9:44 PM): Thank you for taking us with you!

Scott Roeben (03.30.09, 12:20 PM): Just amazing (again). So, here's a question, Michael. Not to get too deep or anything, but here it is: Are you ever concerned that in capturing images to share with your fans (us), you're actually taking yourself out of the moment? Going down the zip line, were you looking through the viewfinder? If so, doesn't it sometimes feel like there's a barrier between you and the experience? I often get this feeling when I'm doing photography. I'm capturing the event, but in a way, I'm outside the event being captured. I'm seeing details others might now, but in a way, I'm commenting upon it, too, at arm's length. Just curious.

Thad (03.30.09, 11:40 AM): Great video Mike. I must do a zip line like that one day. And cool that you ran into JesseAnn there.

Anthony (03.29.09, 11:26 PM): Cool video! the Ziplines look like a ton of fun

Kjersti (03.29.09, 6:07 PM): I took the trip to Secret Falls with a friend of mine after I bought a kayak. We thought it was going to be this really long trip up the river. We actually passed it and had to double back, beacuse we thought it had to be farther. That is the only river you can wakeboard and water ski on in HI. Have you tried the zip lines on Maui?

shannon (03.29.09, 6:01 PM): so fun!! i love kaui!!! love the zip line!! but the waterfall take the cake :)!!

Derrick (03.29.09, 2:33 PM): Wow! I went to Kaui and it was nothing like your excursions. Can you share the names of the those outfits? I am planning another trip and would like to try that out. Thanks for sharing!