tk (03.29.09, 6:53 PM): gabby reese is freaking awesome ...always someone i have thought was a great role model and even though she is a majestic ;) and athletically gifted.... she is still feminine and like you said beautiful...she is married to laird hamilton the surfer (he's just as gnarley as she is) and they have two beautiful kids. cool that you saw her. all these pics of hawaii are beautiful!

michael andrew (03.29.09, 4:28 AM): Hey Christian! I would be happy to- Thanks for letting me take your picture. Just send me your email address: and Ill send you copies. :)

Christian (03.29.09, 4:17 AM): Hey man. I'm one of the "jumpers" in your photographs, the male one, and i was wondering if you could maybe e-mail me the other pics you took. My friend and i are both thrilled to see that you posted up these photos, very nice by the way. Thanks a lot.

JesseAnn (03.29.09, 3:55 AM): Hey Mike, it was crazy running into you on the river today! We should meet up tomorrow aka Sunday. We are going to the Kipu Waterfalls and chuch. If you want to come- its the Kalaheo Ward at 9:00 am located at 02-2354 Kaumualii Hwy KALAHEO, HAWAII UNITED STATES :) double doggy dare you to be there...

Vince (03.28.09, 10:16 PM): Great pics posted here Mike! I enjoyed taking you out. You had a great spirit despite the less than perfect conditions. And you can't ask for more than that. Nice, informative and colorful blog from a very good photographer. Keep up the great stuff! Mahalo Nui Loa, Vince

Kjersti (03.28.09, 1:21 PM): Most of the time Kauai is overcast! The shots are amazing, so I can only imagine what they would look like if the sun had been out. Gabrielle Reese has had this amazing career, but when she is living here on Maui, she is known as Laird Hamilton's wife. I've always wondered if that has ever bothered her.

Danny (03.28.09, 10:07 AM): "Obstacles happen and for a person with the right attitude, it just doesnt matter." --> Quote of the day!

Diane (03.28.09, 8:32 AM): Great story......and btw awesome shots even with overcast conditions! Just beautiful.

Boz (03.28.09, 7:15 AM): LOL :)