Magunda (03.20.09, 10:48 PM): Love the beauty of nature by itself, can't argue with Gods creation.

kim (03.20.09, 12:53 PM): do you stil have the picture you took when you went to visit Alana . The one of the sky? i like this picture btw

chaos2k (03.20.09, 11:36 AM): Awesome!!

Lauri (03.20.09, 9:47 AM): This is absolutely gorgeous!

Elizabeth (03.20.09, 9:18 AM): Oh my freaking word!!! LOVE it...

Bill (03.20.09, 9:17 AM): Awesome Shot! Thanks for doing this blog MA! For those of you out there who have not gone back to the beginning and read all the way thru his should. There is so much great info in here. I'm just a novice, but try to learn something everyday. Luv, Luv, Luv the family jumping shots, so I've been trying these with my kids! I have a 50D, 24-70 2.8L, and shot an image of my 4 yr old jumping towards me using a 2.8 ap setting...he jumped right thru the focal plane. What did I learn? Smaller aperature for this type of shot, right? I would not have even thought of this w/o your blog. Thanks again. BTW, i"ve purchased your 50d CC and the PS CC - both are excellent

Diane (03.20.09, 6:52 AM): Wow! What an opportunity you are having now! I envy you and at the same time I worry about you (the mother in me!) Keep up the excellent work.